Exotics@Redmond Town Center is the largest weekly gathering of exotic cars north of Los Angeles.

I found out about Exotics@RTC  through correspondence with Sir Mix A Lot, he’s a regular attendee at this event.

The first show I was able to attend, happened to be Jaguar and British Car Day, with a huge selection of British made autos at the Center Street Plaza. The plaza is used to hold special gatherings like this British Car Day, along with Ferrari Day, Porsche Day, etc. along with filling up the back lot with the other exotics that come. Usually, the cars park out in the back lot for the weekly gatherings, it’s only for the “themed” days that they set up in the plaza.

There is quite a selection of vehicles that show up, and you’ll never know what will be there from one week to the next. From  Aventadors to a Veyron,  modern day muscle cars to the muscle of the past. There might even be a custom big rig rolling in as well.

The best part about getting to see all of these incredible exotics, is it’s free. Free to bring your car and hang out, and free to check them out. Plus you also have the Redmond Town Center, where you can grab a latte, a bite to eat, or shop (I’d wait till after the cars leave).

Although this is slated as a weekly gathering, it is also weather dependent.  Check out their website  Exotics At Redmond Town Center, or follow them on Facebook at Exotics@RTC. You can also check out the Events Calendar here at Asphalt-Assault.com, there you will find a map and hours.

I’ll be putting up links to gallery’s soon.


Exotics@RTC 07-08-12

Exotics@RTC 07-14-12



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