Scio Oregon…

I hate to say it, but I had no idea this little town even existed, let alone would have a killer car show/cruise-in. It’s one of those towns that if you blinked twice, you would probably miss it. Regardless, it is right in the heart of Covered Bridges territory, and they are worth coming to this area to check out as well.

I had been down in Roseburg visiting my grandma for her 90th birthday, and stopped in Scio to check out an Orange 2001 Sierra that was being built by a high school senior. While I was checking out the truck, Tyler and his grandpa told me about a car show that was going to be held there that Friday. So after checking out the truck, and a few of the covered bridges, I headed on into Albany and Salem to visit with a couple of friends.

After visiting with my friends in Albany, I headed up to Salem to Donnie and Sara’s for a bite to eat and a couch to crash on. Thank you, I needed it. The next morning I headed into Salem for a bit before heading to Scio a little early. Good thing I did, I watched this quiet little town have the entire main street get loaded with cars and trucks of all types. It was kind of like Mayberry meets Arnold’s Diner. A little bit of this, a little bit of that… From restored classics and hot rods, a 53 Chev sleeper with a blown inline six, to a killer little Nash with an LT 1, a handful of trucks that laid out, and a wicked blown Mopar. This was not what I expected. The Town Rumble happens just before the awards, and as the name implies, the participants all fire up at the same time. The show is held during the Lamb and Wool Fair that takes place that weekend, starting around noon on Friday. The car show itself is from 6-8pm, registration starts at 5pm and I believe the registration is around $25.

So, if you’re up for a small town show/cruise-in with some character, the show in Scio, OR is definitely worth the drive.

Check them out online and register early at Linn County Lamb and Wool Fair




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