Oct 11th, 2014


The custom car and truck culture has always made themselves available to good causes at a moments notice… And for this, I’m glad I’m involved with it.[singlepic id=9452 w=320 h=240 float=right]

At this show/fundraiser, I witnessed the emotion, the heart, and the generosity of many people, and I’m glad I was able to have a small part in it. The fundraiser was to benefit Chad Criss’ mother-in-law, Cesi. And she had no idea what was taking place till she showed up later in the afternoon.

I asked Chad’s wife Michelle if I could use the piece that she wrote about her mom, because there was no way that I could write it any better. Here is the touching write up that Michelle did for the show’s description:



“Caring, giving, thoughtful, beautiful and strong are just a few words to describe a very special woman….Cesi Velez. After 10+ years working for law enforcement and being an advocate for saving the lives of child passengers it is now time to help her in her fight to save her own life. Just before her April birthday Cesi was confronted with a scary word…cancer.

She was going to have to start fighting the battle of breast cancer. After months of intense chemotherapy and a lumpectomy she was told a grueling everyday schedule of radiation would be at hand for 6 weeks, but the chemo was over and she could almost touch the light at the end of the tunnel. And then devastation hit, the chemo had shrunk the tumor but because of her having the most aggressive form of breast cancer it did not kill all the cancer. So just when she had hope of an end she heard the words, “more chemo.” This was a devastating blow. On top of sleep apnea, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis she was going to once again have to battling going through chemo.

If you don’t already know; Cesi is my Mother. I have watched my mom sick, weak and at her worst during chemotherapy and yet still she smiled and found ways to help others. Hearing that she would have to face the most difficult time in her life again I know I wanted to do something. I know now more than ever she needs lots of support and needs to maintain the will to fight. So, I am asking my friends, their friends, my family and their friends and family and friends of their friends to come and show support not only to one of the kindest most giving women you could ever meet but to the cause as well. Show support in honor of those who have fought breast cancer, those who are fighting and those who will have to fight.

This isn’t so much about custom vehicles as it is about inspiring someone to not give up and keep pushing on knowing she is facing her worst nightmares. It’s not so much about prizes and trophy’s as it is about trying to help save someone life. So please join us in showing support.

Thank you,
Michelle Criss”

The money that was raised goes to Cesi’s medical bills. Just over $4,000 was raised, and this amount just about covers her deductable for the year.

It’s comforting to know, that with all of the ugliness in the world today, I can always rely on my family of auto enthusiasts to show the beauty of their hearts. I want to thank all that attended, from the participants to the sponsors that donated some really great prizes that made this possible.




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