LowDown 2014

     I’m not sure how they do it, and I’m not complaining, but the Underground Kustomz crew continuously puts on a better and better show, year after year. This year saw the return of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies by classes. This is something that I personally feel is missing from the bigger shows. There are a lot of “Top” shows out on the scene, and I think that it has hurt the quality of the rides being built. So a BIG Thank You! to UK for bringing trophy classes back.[singlepic id=7727 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Once again, Underground Kustomz opened the gates up on Thursday at noon to get the ball rolling. Around 30 or so took advantage of this and took the time off of work to get in and stake out their campsites. Friday saw a pretty good size turnout, with Saturday bringing in the rest to top the 200 mark of registered show participants. Friday was also the beginning of the IASCA competitions, which finished up Saturday night.

This year brought visitors from as far away as North Dakota, and So Cal. No Regrets members Rory and Ashley Borho, brought their Toyota from Williston, North Dakota. Mike Alexander of Slam’d Mag, Brian Goude of Grinder TV, and Mark Porudominsky of Low Fi Air Systems made their way up to the NW from SoCal, to indulge themselves within a cornerstone of the NW mini truck scene. Mark also brought up his incredible 708hp MK4, and treated Corey and Allison each, to a “quick” little jaunt down the street.

[singlepic id=7774 w=320 h=240 float=left]Friday night was met with good friends, food and beverages creating an atmosphere of “family” that can only be compared to by the older truck runs. This camaraderie carries on through the rest of the weekend (and beyond), with anybody and everybody coming to the aid of anyone that needs assistance with their ride. Most of the time, they’ll make sure your fed, and have a beverage or two.

Saturday morning came too soon. This is LowDown, and you need to get up early, get parked and get to polishing and cleaning your ride. The quantity of quality rides increases every year, and brings out the best in everyone. The UK crew definitely had their work cut out for them judging this year. While the judging was going on, other members of UK kept the crowd busy with club participation and individual events.

Of course, everyone’s favorite event, the milk and diet soda chug was first on the list. With one participant giving up immediately by pouring a half gallon of milk over himself, the others took to the task at hand. It wasn’t long before the previous night’s alcohol disagreed with the moo juice. Only a couple were left at the end downing the diet soda, very gingerly. Rendall Allee managed to hold it down, beating out the rest. The Tug-o-war was handily taken by No Regrets this year. Duct tape musical chairs, which is the real crowd favorite, was absolutely a great time as always. Luke Spoenistram fought the hardest, and out lasted everyone else to be the last one with his ass in a chair at the very end.[singlepic id=7817 w=320 h=240 float=right]

With 5pm approaching, the public was ushered out and the Saturday night mayhem was about to begin. It started with anyone that wanted to cruise around for a bit, being able to. After a bit, the barriers were brought out and set up for the limbo/drag session This went on until the Dan Maxwell in his 1980 Chevy Luv was the last one under. Dan just beat out Jason Haase of Visions Car Club with his body dropped 65 4 door Impala. Full size truck in the limbo was won by Bubba from Modified Lifestyles.

[singlepic id=8402 w=320 h=240 float=left]After the limbo had run it’s course, it was time for the Wet-T contest. Better known as “Skin to Win”. A great crowd was on hand, a nice size purse ($1400) was raised for the Winner-take-all competition. With Huge Johnson spinning the tunes, the girls headed out onto the watering platform one by one, or in pairs. The crowd was really into it this year, and it made for some difficult eliminations. In the end, Ashley was the woman that worked the crowd the best and got the loudest cheers.

After the Wet-T contest was over, everyone headed back to their camps to park their rides and start walking and riding old school BMX’s around and visiting with those that came in on Saturday. A great night of kickin’ back and partying ended way to soon, as Sunday morning was approaching and so were the awards.

Sunday morning kicked off with the raffle, and 50/50 drawings. Once that was finished, the much anticipated return of trophy classes was upon us. Drum roll please…….

Under Construction:[singlepic id=8174 w=320 h=240 float=right]


     Full Size, 1st: Ron – 67 C10

2nd: Geoff Rosenburger – 52 Chevy

3rd: Charles – 2000 F150


Mini, 1st: Dan Maxwell – 80 Chevy Luv

2nd: Nancy Pena-Reeves – Mighty Max

3rd: Chris Jurgenson – Mazda

[singlepic id=7774 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Car, 1st: Shane Littrell – Caddy

2nd: Dallas Barber – Caprice Wagon

3rd: JP Brohan – Lincoln Continental


Old School:


     1st: Danny Sanchez – F100

2nd:  Pacific Styles – Datsun 620

3rd: Crash – GMC


Mini Truck Import:[singlepic id=8204 w=320 h=240 float=right]


     Wild; 1st: Kevin Rost – Tiki Mazda – Twisted Creations

2nd: Mel Brittain – 93 Toyota – No Affiliations

3rd: David Randall – 99 Frontier – Laugh Now Cry Later Minis



Mild; 1st: Brad McKinnon – 92 Toyota – Relaxed Atmosphere

2nd: Kenny Strong – 86 Mazda – Twisted Creations


Street; 1st: Rachel Wallis – 90 Mazda – Creative Minds

2nd: Andre – 96 Hardbody – Laugh Now Cry Later Minis

3rd: Dennis Bogle – 91 Hardbody – Ridiculous Rides



Mini Truck Domestic:[singlepic id=8083 w=320 h=240 float=right]


     Wild; 1st: Kyle Working – 88 Ranger

2nd: Jonathan Wilton – S10 – Sunset

3rd: Beth New – S10 – Class Act


Mild; 1st: Damen – 98 GMC Sonoma – Pacific Styles

2nd: Justin Olsen – 2001 S10 – Creative Minds

3rd: Robert – 96 S10 – Ridiculous Rides


Street; 1st: Woody – Ranger – Class Act

2nd: Andrew Lovell – 2001 S10

3rd: Malanie – 94 S10 – Twisted Creations



Compact Car:[singlepic id=7734 w=320 h=240 float=right]


     1st: Christopher Saeyup – 94 Supra – Speedmonkey

2nd: James Raber – 96 Dodge Avenger – Class Act

3rd: Will Nelson -2006 Mazda



Full Size Car:[singlepic id=7750 w=320 h=240 float=right]


     1st: Jason Haase – 65 Impala – Visions

2nd: Josh Tipton – 72 Chevelle – Sunset

3rd:  Freaks Charger – Freaks of Nature



Full Size Truck:[singlepic id=7771 w=320 h=240 float=right]


Wild; 1st: Lonnie Thompson – 2006 Silverado – Class Act

2nd: Joe Flip – 2002 Dakota – Twisted Creations

3rd: Melinda Young – F150 – Class Act


Mild; 1st: Dakota Thompson – 84 Silverado – Class Act

2nd: Richy Strong – 97 GMC – Twisted Creations

3rd: Nick Glenister – 2007 Sierra – Lay’d Out



Van/SUV:[singlepic id=7786 w=320 h=240 float=right]


1st: Jeremy Howard – 91 Astro – Freaks of Nature

2nd: Eric Gump – 89 Suburban – Twisted Creations

3rd: Danny Sanchez – 2002 Yukon – Modified Lifestyles



4×4:[singlepic id=7793 w=320 h=240 float=right]


1st: Will Spier – Toyota – Magical Minis

2nd: Steve Harrington – 2008 Silverado – Twisted Creations

3rd: Jason Castaneda – 96 Suburban


Motorcycle:[singlepic id=7963 w=320 h=240 float=right]


1st: Cory Davis – 2003 Kawasaki – 30 Day Hold

2nd: Will Zekan – Rukus – Cam Winders



The specialty awards are as follows:


Bitch Clique – 2005 Colorado – Mike Young – Severed Ties


Slam’d Mag Choice – Jason Haase – 65 Impala – Visions


Club Choice – Brian Marshall – Nissan 720 – Relaxed Atmosphere


Club Participation – Class Act


Best of’s are:[singlepic id=8045 w=320 h=240 float=right]


Engine – Ron – 67 C10


Suspension – Brian Goude – Airbag Trailer


Girl’s Ride – Beth New – S10 – Class Act


Mod – Mike Amborn – S10 – Vette Motor – Relaxed Atmosphere


Stereo – Joe Flip – 2002 Dakota – Twisted Creations


Interior – Lonnie Thompson – 2006 Silverado – Class Act


Paint – Kevin Rost – Tiki Mazda – Twisted Creations


Car – Jason Haase – 65 Impala – Visions


Truck – Will Spier – Toyota 4×4 – Magical Minis


[singlepic id=8276 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Underground Kustomz would like to thank everyone that came and helped make this year’s show a bigger success than the previous year. They would also like to thank the following sponsors: Forever Powder Coating, Meguiars, Nitrous Express, Daystar, Blair Equipment, Hertz Rentals, Mad Rabbit Fabrication, 253 Fabrication, Bed Wood, Black Sock Mafia, Woodward Fab, Advantage Truck Accessories, Cool It Thermo Tee, Baer Brake Systems, ACC, Fluidamper, Lund, Trim Parts, Dynamat, Channel Lock, Painless Performance Products, Travis Chin with IASCA, Slam’d Mag, and Grinder TV.

A big thank you to the media coverage by Grinder TV, Asphalt-Assault.com, Slam’d Mag, and Common Treads.

Next year’s LowDown marks its 10th Anniversary. And they’ve changed the weekend of the show! GoodGuys has their show on the same weekend as LowDown. So, in consideration for those that want to attend both events, and also for their sponsors who are at GoodGuys as well, Underground Kustomz has decided to move their show to the following week.  Dates are: July 30th – August 2nd. So do your best to get there for all 4 days, this ought to be one helluva weekend!

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