By Patrick McKay


The first show put on by the WA chapter of No Regrets was definitely a success. The location and weather couldn’t have been better. The XXX Root Beer Drive-In in Issaquah WA is the last one in existence, and is the host to many car shows throughout the spring, summer and fall. The show was held on a Sunday morning that started out a little foggy, but quickly clear skies and temps in the 80’s prevailed.  It’s not what you would normally think to get up here on a 16th of September.

The guys, and gals, of No Regrets did a great job with setting up events that all were able to participate in, definitely a family friendly environment. They had a rootbeer chug, well sort of, if you consider sucking rootbeer out of a baby bottle chugging. Jeffrey Love of Lay’d Out took this event. It’s a lot harder than you would think, and it takes a few minutes to empty the bottle. They had the Bubble Gum Blow Off contest where the adults had to put the entire roll in their mouths at one time, the kids could take smaller bites but still had to use the entire roll.  Max Hesselgesser won it for the kids, while Jeffrey Love of Lay’d out claimed another win by blowing the large bubbles first.  Modified Lifestyles’ Ken Heagy won the “Frozen Garment” contest, which requires you to break the ice, unfold the shirt, and put it on the correct way.  And there was the short lived tricycle contest. Unfortunately, the trikes were just a little under rated to handle the “big kids”. After a full day of checking out rides and events, the raffles and awards were upon us.

As you’ll see by the awards handed out, there definitely was a variety of vehicles that showed up for the initial show. The “Top 10” awards went to; Jon Brock (96 Tahoe), Derrick Bruce (2000 S10), Shawn Speed (96 Hardbody), Ryan and Julie Anderson of Relaxed Atmosphere (98 Fullsize Chev), Eddie Bailes of Lone Wolfe (2008 Avalanche), Isaiah Wallace of Relaxed Atmosphere (96 Silverado), Harlen Hayes of Underground Kustomz (86 Mazda), Jan Pelroy (1956 Lincoln Mark II), Mike Ross of TNGA (69 Rat Rod Bug), and Dave Palmer (1963 Pontiac Grand Prix).

Some of the special categories featured the following; Most Illegal went to Close Enough Engineering’s Steve Walker and his 1948 Diamond T  GTP, Aimee Aldrich of Perfect Poise took Lowest with a 91 Toyota Utility Truck, Under Procrastination went to  Nancy Pena of Lay’d Out with her 92 Mitsu Mighty Max, Sittin Pretti’s Cora Altermott got Chicks Ride with her Radio Flyer Wagon, and the No Regrets Kids Choice went to Rick Iverson with his 68 Chevy C10.

The Kustom Collision and Rods award went to Tom and Sherrie Neatherlin with their 1995 Toyota Tacoma. Matt Craig “Gunshow” of Miss Behavin took the MiniTruckMayhem award with his 71 Chevy C10, and the Dent Specialties pick went to Dan New  of Class Act with his 94 S10. The Idaho No Regrets club showed up to give a hand with the show, and their pick went to Richard Collins with a 94 Ford Lightning.

Best Import Car went to Troy Moore with a 1968 Opel Kadett Rallye, and Best Domestic Car went to Glenn Elhard with a 1950 Ford two door sedan.

Underground Kustomz’ Corey Dawson took Best Import Truck with his Toyota, and Shawn Altermott from Sittin Pretti won Best Domestic Truck with his 2010 Chevy Silverado.

Best of Show was won by Lo N Beholds’ Big David Krouse with his old school 1977 Datsun 620.

Raffle prizes were donated to the event by; Street Issue Customs, Sound Werks, Crime Pays Video, Accuair, Scentsy by Shelby,  XXX Root Beer, and

No Regrets WA would like to thank everyone that came out and made their first show a success, and thank XXX Root Beer Drive-In for providing a great location, really great food, and a slice of Americana. They would also like to thank the No Regrets ID crew for coming over and giving them a hand with the show. And they would like to thank Dave with Austin Pinstriping, Brandon with Brand X Customs, and Jeff of Kustom Collision & Rods for their painting talents with the trophies.

Next year’s show has been set for the same location on Sept 29th. We’ll definitely be looking forward to it after the success of their first show. Contact Sponge at



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