One of the shows that I’ve wanted to go to, but for one reason or another ended up having to miss, is Kickin’ it Old School with Class Act. Well, this year I was able to make it, and I was not disappointed.

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The event is held at Barton Park, in Boring (real name) Oregon. It’s a one day show, and has that small and personal feel to it due in part by the park’s layout. Yet, at the same time, the camping that can be done at the park gives it a 3 day feel. People start showing up to the park on Friday to set up camp at the campground above the show grounds. They have fire pits, water and power hookups at each of the camp sites where we were located, which was a definite plus. There are also showers (with hot water) next to the bathrooms.

What’s nice about the NW minitruck and car scene, is that these guys and gals from different clubs will help you set up your tent, or help guide your trailer into place, no matter the weather or if it’s pitch black out.

So after a great night of kicking back and BSing around the fire pits, tossing back a few, and sharing some grub with others, the morning was upon us.

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Saturday morning saw a steady stream of rides filling up the show area. The show itself is great, nestled in at the base of a hillside with a lot of shade trees to chill out under. The main show area is asphalt and is out in the open. It holds around 80 vehicles, and there’s overflow areas that are right next to it. 

The guys and gals from Class Act provided some great events for the kids and adults to get involved in while the judging was underway. They had some great raffle prizes, and also had a BBQ going for most of the day. [singlepic id=2498 w=320 h=240 float=right]

After a tough day of judging, it was time for the raffles and trophy presentations. Best Car: Steve and Melody Hudson from the Midvalley cruiser, Best Truck: Kevin Rost – Twisted Tiki,  Best Engine: Ratti Caddi – The Ratti Caddi,  Best Stereo: John Hill – VW Squareback,  Best Interior: Crash – The Astro, Best Paint: Kevin Rost – Twisted Tiki, Under Construction: Jason Spriggs – Convertible Tacoma,  Club Spirit: Magical Minis,  Club Participation: Magical Minis, The Crash Award: Relaxed Oregon,  Tom Harris Award: David John – Black 55 Chevy

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Many thanks to the sponsors: Carolina Kustoms, PDX Car Culture, Black Sock Mafia, MiniTruckMayhem, Billy Bob Customs, Sanctioned, KIK, Show Wheels,  Simmons & Associates Insurance.

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