Relaxin’ at The Rock 2014



This was to be a special year for Relaxin’ at The Rock, with a worthy toy drive, and later, an announcement about the future of The Rock.

The “Hot Wheels” toy drive was the main focus of this year’s show, benefiting Gideon’s Army. Gideon is a 4 year old boy that at the age of 3, was diagnosed with Spitz Melanoma.[singlepic id=6982 w=320 h=240 float=right]During his treatments, he gave away all of his Hot Wheels to the other children that were in the hospital too. His uninhibited generosity didn’t go unnoticed, and when word got out about his act of kindness, the guys and gals at Relaxed Atmosphere here in the NW went into action. With less than a months notice, RA got the word out, and all of the minitruck and custom car clubs that attend these shows rose to the challenge. Over 3000 Hot Wheels were brought to the show, with Ridiculous Rides minitruck club bringing in over 800 themselves.

[singlepic id=7088 w=320 h=240 float=left]

The look on the face of Gideon was priceless when they opened up the tonnue cover of Ryan’s full size Chevy truck, and seen all of the Hot Wheels that were brought for him to give out to more children. [singlepic id=6953 w=320 h=240 float=right]

There was also a truck/car show going on as well, and then there was the weather… One of the things about the NW is, it’s probably going to rain during a show. Most of the time we get lucky, and the weather holds out for us, and other times… not so much. If you’re into the truck/car scene up here and whine about the rain, you probably need to pick a different hobby. I know the crew at Relaxed Atmosphere really appreciates those that came out and faced the sporadic elements.

[singlepic id=7077 w=320 h=240 float=left]Quite a few made it out to the show, along with a couple more debuts for this season. This show is popular; so much as people bring their rides from all over WA, OR, ID, and down from Canada. Our Canadian invasion brought rides from the British Columbia and Alberta provinces. It’s always great to see these folks when they get a chance to make it down.

[singlepic id=7026 w=320 h=240 float=right]

There was tug-o-war, duct tape musical chairs, and a water-balloon toss to keep people occupied while the judging was underway. The water-balloon toss ended up becoming a one sided water-balloon fight with Ryan getting bombarded by the kids. Kelly kept the masses fed with breakfast burritos early and burgers and dogs later on in the day. Thanks for all of the hard work Kelly!

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After a really great raffle, Ron grabbed the microphone just before the awards and addressed the crowd about the future of Relaxin at The Rock… This was to be it’s final year.

[singlepic id=6870 w=320 h=240 float=right]

After a few moments of silence from a stunned crowd, Ron broke the news as to why; they are working on a three day show to be held at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds. As of this writing, it is about 95% completed, and they just need to wrap up a few details. From what I’ve heard about what’s being planned, it’s a show that nobody should miss.


Best of Show: Will Spier of Magical Minis, Toyota 4×4

Club Choice: Izzy Pullings’ Death Trap, Rat Rod

Best Suspension: Jason Lekvold of Severed Ties, Mazda

Best Paint: Andy Strider of Severed Ties, Crew Cab Toyota

Best Interior: Derrik Bruce, S10

Lowest Club: Class Act

Under Construction: Chris of Magical Minis

Tito Memorial Award: Crash of No Regrets

Relaxed Atmosphere would like to thank the Relaxin’ at The Rock sponsors: Dub Wheels, TTS Construction, All American Truck and SUV, KIK Store, Drop ‘Em Wear?, Kinetic, Izzy’s Rod Shop, Lowrider Depot, Grillcraft, Billy Bob Customs, Summit, F-Word Industries, Jones Paint Innovations, Simmons & Associates, Common Treads Magazine, Carolina Kustoms, RBP, Liquid Dynamics, Rigid Industries, Lethal Customs, Jegs, Lime Light, lexani, Bell Tech, Hellbilly Customs, Chad Criss Designs, McClinton Auto Collision

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