2022-2023 marked the resurgence of numerous shows and the introduction of some incredibly impressive rides. As 2024 unfolds, the momentum continues! A heartfelt shoutout to everyone contributing to this exciting journey – your efforts are truly commendable.

I want to express my deep gratitude for the support I received with the first three issues. While the release of the last issue took a bit longer than anticipated, I remain steadfast and am actively working on upcoming editions. The aim for this magazine is to offer monthly releases.

Your feedback has not gone unheard, and a recurring comment was about the readability of the magazine. In response, I’ve experimented with a fresh format in this issue. If the response is positive, I’ll gladly continue in this direction.

This magazine is built upon the foundation that many of us are enthusiasts who appreciate an array of vehicles and styles. Our interests transcend particular “scenes” or “genres.” Whether a machine has wheels and a motor or not, we find ways to admire it. This endeavor seeks to weave together a diverse community of enthusiasts, fostering a broader outlook on the possibilities out there. It’s for those who can look at another person’s ride, purchase, or customization with genuine respect.

Naturally, not every individual will grasp the appeal of another’s choices; some might scratch their heads and wonder. Yet, the ability to shed light on different perspectives is the essence of this endeavor. While not everyone may resonate with what they see, the hope is that a sense of respect will prevail.

Now, onto the exciting part – the Features. I’m aiming to showcase around 5 vehicles per issue, selected in a wonderfully random manner. Imagine an issue featuring an exotic car, a classic beauty, a fierce race car, a compact truck, and a custom chopper. The next might spotlight a custom big rig, a raw and edgy rat rod, a meticulously restored military vehicle, a lowrider masterpiece, and a rugged lifted 4×4. Diversity is key, reflecting the multitude of interests within our community.

Show Coverage is another integral aspect. I aspire to include extensive coverage from various corners of the nation and even beyond. With broader exposure, I anticipate contributions spanning diverse genres.

Anticipate captivating Interviews as well. These conversations will involve enthusiasts from all walks of life: builders, painters, parts manufacturers, and those who commission these incredible creations.

I sincerely hope my vision resonates with you. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Warm regards,

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