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Asphalt-Assault.com | About

     I’d like to thank you for the overwhelming support that I received on the fist two issues.

    The goal for this magazine, is that there will be monthly editions.

    This magazine’s design is for it to be taken apart. Every article and feature is an 11×17 poster.

The basis for this magazine, is there are many of us that are enthusiasts. And not just of any one particular “scene”, or “genre”. We appreciate pretty much everything that has wheels and a motor, and then again, we can also appreciate some things without wheels and with motors and vice-verse. This is an attempt at a cross-culture intermixing of enthusiasts, and a broadening of everyone’s perspective on what is going on “out there”.  This is for the guy or gal, that can look at what the other is driving, buying or customizing with respect.

     Granted, not everyone will get what the other is doing, and it will probably make a few scratch their heads and go, “What the….?”  But, being able to bring some light to the table, or to another’s garage, is what this is all about. I’m sure there will be some that will not like what they see, but hopefully, they will still show respect towards what they see.

     The Features… That’s where this is going to be fun. I plan, and hope to have, about 5 feature vehicles per issue. The vehicles that will be featured will be, well… Very randomly chosen. There could be an exotic, a classic car, a race car, a mini truck and custom chopper in one issue, and the next could be a custom big rig, a rat rod, a restored military vehicle, a lowrider, and a jacked up 4×4. It’s all about variety and what others are into. 

The Show Coverage… I’d like to include as much show coverage from across the nation and beyond, of all forms. You will notice that at first, there will appear to be a large portion of show coverage catering to the custom car and truck scene, primarily in the Pacific NW. That’s because most of my background is in that area (although I like just about everything that’s out there), and it’s where I’m from.  Hopefully, with more exposure, people will contribute from different genres.

     The Interviews that I will be featuring, will include enthusiasts from all around; builders, painters, and those that have them built.

I hope you like what we’re doing….


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